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Carolyn Meinel is the CEO of M/B Research, a small, woman owned consulting business.

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Meinel's current forecasting activities:

Pro Forecaster at INFER. You, too can join this competition and win cash prizes.

INFER is a global community making forecasts on critical issues and trends sent directly to U.S. Government policymakers -->

Anyone can join INFER and if you do well enough, you, too can become a paid "Pro Forecaster."

Existential Risks Tournament -->

More examples of forecasting -->

Sample publications by Meinel

What do forecasting rationales reveal about thinking patterns of top geopolitical forecasters?























Border Gateway Protocol

"For Love of a Gun," history, technologies of electromagnetic guns, IEEE Spectrum, July, 2007.

Railgun illustration

Webinar in which Meinel explains how Basis Technology aided her award winning participation as part of Team Ckar in the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency's Geopolitical Forecasting Competition II.


Webster's New World Hacker Dictionary, published Sept. 2006, includes an appendix by Meinel on how researchers discover new ways to break into computers.

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In the March/April 2006 issue of Skeptical Inquirer, Meinel documents how hoaxers stampeded the F.B.I. into diverting counterterroism funding into the cyberspace beat -- making 9/11 more likely. The letters to editor of the August issue promise controversy -- and what the F.B.I. had to say about this controversy before a joint House/Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.


Meinel's article on war in cyberspace in the Oct. 2001 Scientific American was reprinted in Best American Science Writing 2002.

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This Scientific American article also was reprinted in the college textbook, Computers in Society.

M/B Research is a small, woman owned consulting firm.


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